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Here are just a few of my designs. Most any item you see here can be reproduced in either 14K Rose Gold Filled wire, 14 Gold filled wire, copper or brass.  Think of these photos as a jumping off point… draw your own inspiration.

I will continually add to the gallery as I take photos of my original work.  I have drawn inspiration from a variety of sources, books, art, nature…

All my jewelry is handmade by me, they are affordable and customizable.


Necklaces range between $30 – $95

Bracelets range between $25 – $50

Earrings range between $10 – $45

Rings range between $10 – $90

Some pieces are available immediately, some are custom.  The pieces shown here can be used as “samples”, use them as templates to create your one-of-a-kind piece!

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  1. Rvonne Russell

    Hi!! I’m a friend of AnnMarie and Steve. I’m interested in an ankle bracelet. Please send information. Thank you. It figures you’re not local.

  2. Carol Newlin Malloy Ford

    It was great to see you again,Plaese put me on your list for shows and things I’m very interested in some of your stuff.I’m very happy that you got your self in a better spot now than you were in when we first met. Thanks Carol from Malloy Ford

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