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What does a piece of jewelry mean to you? I never believed the adage that jewelry was a luxury, a want. I believe that jewelry says something about a person, something about YOU.

• Do you value a unique look?
• Do you want something that no one else has?
• Do you want to be a part of the creation of the jewelry you wear everyday?
• Does your jewelry represent a moment in time for you?
• Does it make you feel a certain way?
• Does it enhance and complete you?

Say “YES” and I can help you fulfill some of those dreams and find those moments.

My Story

For most of my life I was given the ability to appreciate beautiful art, but was denied the talent.

But soon, I was shown the way with a Girl Scout camping trip and some hemp.

My childhood overseas never allowed for me to be a Girl Scout (they didn’t have American Girl Scout troops in Africa!) So when I had my own family here in the US, my daughters and I explored this all American organization together. The girls loved the organization almost as much as I did … as their leader!! Our camping trips always included making friendship bracelets and beaded jewelry with hemp and cord. It was so much fun!

I became obsessed and started making my own jewelry. This is when my artistic side emerged. I discovered I was a decent metalsmith. I found that I could create something beautiful …. wearable art. After I made my first ring, I was hooked. And now, I take every opportunity to learn more, and every day is an adventure in learning.

Making jewelry was just a fun hobby, a way to make beautiful gifts for family and friends. Then my collection began to live a life of its own, and my following grew!

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Working primarily in Sterling Silver when I started, I have since learned how to work with Gold, Copper, Brass, and other precious metals.

As I embark on the second half of my life and a new journey, my mantra has become “It is never too late to live happily ever after.” In 2015, I sent my last daughter to college, quit my full-time job as a secretary, sold my house, and began living my dream to become a full-time jewelry designer.

Working to make you happy, I keep my designs simple, elegant and fun. They are beautiful on everybody for all sorts of events.

When I am not at my home workshop making jewelry, you can find me at craft shows throughout Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland, check out the “Shows” page.

I also love to create custom pieces. See something that sparks your interest? Let me take what is in your mind and put it on her finger, or around your neck! Let’s make something special and unique together!

Remember that I wear my jewelry, so if you see something you like, let me know.